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This page is where we’ll be keeping free and downloadable creative resources from the projects we do. They’re available for you to look at and get involved in your own time!

Creative Resources

Book Binding – A ‘how to’ PDF guide by Kirsti Beautyman

Wooler Arts commissioned Kirsti Beautyman to deliver illustration and book binding workshops for local residents over Zoom. She created this PDF for anyone who wants to have a go at simple bookbinding and zine making themselves. For stitched bookbinding, you’ll need a ruler, a bookbinder’s needle and waxed thread, but for more simply binding, all you need is a piece of paper and some scissors!

Creative Resources Archive

Grow & Tell

Wooler Arts engaged Creative Producer Jodie R. Red to work in collaboration with artist and producer Gregory Zabaroni, u3a and Wooler Drop-in Centre in the spring and early summer of 2022 to develop a series of creative and fun practical activities. Over the course of the Grow & Tell project these gave the beautiful Cheviot Centre courtyard a new, revamped look.

Jodie invited other creative practitioners to work alongside her on the project, helping people to find ways to connect nature and creativity.In addition to giving a new burst of life to the community garden, the project produced some very exciting artwork. Workshops for local people were led by artists working in Glendale with all activities relating to the garden itself and to nature. These embraced ceramic tile-making with Ian Kille, willow weaving and felt art with Anna Turnbull, watercolour flower painting with Helen Astley, print-making with Jodie R. Red, and bird-box making with Malcolm Pringle. Some of the work produced has been left in the garden or in the Library. The project has created something of lasting value for the community as a whole, and an area for everyone to enjoy.

Gardening workshops were led by local garden designer Clare Ryan and volunteers assisted with some of the essential gardening work, new planting, and will be involved with the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the garden. Photographs were taken by Paddy Rush (Launch Day), Anna Turnbull (willow) Gee Hogg (felt workshops), and Ian Kille (ceramics). Funding for the project was provided by the National Lottery Community Fund

Jodie is an outdoor artist and award-winning nature-writer who was Artist-in-Residence at Durham University from 2020-2022. Together with Gregory Zabaroni, she recently created a garden art project at Durham called Garden of Echoes.

Anna Turnbull willow workshop